1 July 2015
To Whom It May Concern
We would like to express our thanks to Timity Travel for their assistance to us with transport for our clients. Their vehicles are always on time, clean and reliable. The drivers deliver a safe and responsible service to our clients that makes their holiday experience one that they want to repeat again. Please click here to read the complete testimonial of Rilanco Coaches.

Juan Albasini, Rilanco (Pty) Ltd

Nelson/Timity Travel

"As an American nonprofit, we had need of transportation when we took a mission team of 15 people to various locations in South Africa for two weeks in September of 2014. We were very pleased with the bus and driver that were provided. The bus even had a refrigeration unit that kept our drinks cold, which we all appreciated! Nelson was punctual and helped in many other ways, such as offloading equipment (we had a sound system and other materials). We really enjoyed our time in South Africa and didn't have any transportation worries. God bless - Lorna Packard"

Lorna Packard, President, Prevention Time, USA

Dearest Nelson and Timity Travel
Thank you so much for the amazing tour you did for us in the Kruger National Park. Your knowledge of the area and the animals was outstanding. You shared so much knowledge and time with us and became part of our family. We are looking forward to doing more tours with you. The bus was of outstanding quality and we always felt safe and secure.
Regards, Evelyn

Evelyn Patrick,